Well I was going to include a photo I took earlier today of some stash that had just arrived by post.  An jumble of bags containing a lovely assortment of colours of dyed Shetland.  There were also a couple of bags of Merino: some pretty blended tops and a plain colour to co-ordinate.  These are my first forays into commercially dyed tops.  It turns out that it’s possible to buy Merino wool from flocks whose sheep are not mulesed (up to now I’ve avoided Merino and concentrated on wool from British sheep).

However, I took my photos on my phone.  Earlier this evening I tried juggling a mug of water and my phone, at the same time.  Sadly the water won and landed all over my phone. Surprised smile  Currently the phone is sitting in a warm place in a bag containing some rice.  I’ve no idea if this works, or indeed how wet the insides of my phone got.  But I have 18 months of contract left and don’t really want to buy a new phone just yet, so I’ll cross my fingers and leave it in the warm for a little while longer.Fingers crossed