A few days ago I discovered what happens if you move twice in the course of a few months, shove things (including worn but not washed woollens) randomly into bags and then leave the bags untouched for nearly a year.  There may be consequences.  And the consequences are m-m-m.ths. See exhibit a:


Now this is a lovely cardigan I knitted for my son using Twilley’s Freedom Spirit wool and EZ’s Tomten design.  The wool has pilled a bit, but otherwise it’s a nicely shaped cardigan.  I would like my daughter to use it.  Firstly though I needed to repair the holes (I seem to be blogging a lot about repairing holes!)

Fortunately I happened to keep the wool I didn’t use.  All two meters of it.  See exhibit b:


So, I pulled together my best grafting technique and grafted the holes shut.  Now they are not perfect, but I think on the back of a child’s jumper it won’t be too noticeable (exhibit c):


Sadly this is clearly a boys cardigan.  With long dark blue cuffs and long welt at the bottom of the cardi (as he had grown so much in the time I was knitting it).  At the moment this would drown my daughter (exhibit d):


So, I’m going to remove all the dark blue and add cuffs and trim in a more girly colour.  I found yellow in my stash (exhibit e):