Covid-19 school shutdown

We’ve already been home for a week and the schools are now shutdown for most children.  This is a list of work and links provided by my daughter’s school.  This is a Year 5 plan of work for the two weeks leading upto Easter.  I’ve copied it here as there may be links and activities that are useful for other parents (though the main reason it so make it easier to access these things for my daughter).

I apologise that this is not my normal output but for anyone else with KS2 children at home you may find it useful:



Work through the video clips and activities. Adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions, unit and mixed fractions, and simplifying fractions. Finish with Match of the Day football fractions.

Positive and negative numbers:

Play this game with someone else at home.


Practise your times tables by playing ‘Who wants to be a Mathionaire?’

Place value:

Aim for 500 – in this game both players roll the dice and use the numbers to make two three-digit numbers, then add them up. Whoever gets a total closest to 1500 wins the game. Clink on the link to find more challenging versions of the game.

Fractions, decimals and percentages:

Use the resources in the link (or write your own on paper) to play this fractions, decimals and percentages treasure hunt.

Prime numbers:

Play Prime Number Lotto with someone at home. Stick your lotto card and record the numbers you crossed off. Record the prime numbers you crossed off of your card.


If you don’t have skittles or the resources to make your own, then be creative. Perhaps line up some soft toys or action figures. You could even create skittles out of Lego!


Log in to your TT Rock Stars account and practise your tables.

Mental Maths:

Play ‘Hit the Button’. Choose what area of maths you’d like to focus on.


Addition and subtraction:

Play ‘Maths Invaders’. Choose your own level to play at.


Spelling practise:

Complete the ‘sporty anagrams’ and ‘fun with synonyms’ activities. No need to print the sheets, just record the title of the activity with your work underneath.

Grammar practise:

Make your own modal verbs dice. Use it to generate your own sentences which each include a modal verbs. Aim for at least 6 sentences.

Story writing:

Use the information in this link to write the opening paragraph to your own story. Feeling confident? Write the whole story!


Complete ‘Sky Hawk’ comprehension. Answer questions 1-12.

Poster (link with science and history):

Create a poster about the Space Race. Include facts that catch you attention. Make the poster clear and informative.

Book Review:

Write a book review about a book you have recently finished reading. How would you summarise the story? What was your favourite part? How would you describe the characters? Who would you recommend the book to and why?


Complete the work straight into your book.



Complete ‘Railhead’ comprehension. Answer questions 1-12.

Comic book edit:

Edit the comic by changing pronouns, adding adverbs and verbs to the text.

Newspaper article:

Follow the instructions on the link to help gather information needed to write a newspaper article about the missing black panther.

Other activities:


Complete ‘The Moon’ quiz and ‘Comets and Meteors’ quiz.

Have fun driving a Rover on Mars:


Log in to your DB Primary account (school account needed) Update your blog and send a friend an e-mail. Perhaps you have some other e-mails that need replying to?


If you can, go into your garden and choose something to draw. If this isn’t possible, choose something from your home to draw.


Choose a yoga video online to do. Cosmic Kids have some great ones to choose from.

If you’d rather have some fresh air, you could play a ball game in the garden. If you’re feeling creative, make your own obstacle course – indoor or outdoor weather dependent!

RE (link with history):

Research the history of Easter. Write 1-2 paragraphs about what you have found out.


Practise Dance Mat Typing. Choose the level you feel comfortable with.


Choose a planet of your choice to write a fact-file about. You can use the suggested websites to help as well as books you might already have at home and what you have learned in school.


Help someone at home in the kitchen. Bake a cake or help to cook dinner. Use scales to help weigh the ingredients and of course, carry out the all-important taste test!


Enter the Clubhouse and play ‘Astro-Matic 3000’ to find out what your age and/or weight would be on different planets.

Enjoy reading this online book

Research the history of women in football and compare this to the history of the men’s sport. For example, towards the end of the First World War, women’s football was very popular, with their games often attracting larger crowds than those of the men.