I’ve been looking forward to writing this blog post today, taking pictures and drafting ideas in my head.  Then over dinner there was the sound of running water, just a little and I couldn’t place where, so didn’t worry about it…. until the trickle became a rush and water was pouring out of the under-sink cupboard!  It turned out to be the u-bend, so I threw some towels at the spill and otherwise ignored it until I got the children into bed.

Anyway, I’ve managed to fix it!  It appears that the adjustable u-bend (that was put in a couple of months ago) adjusted itself to its lowest position and then slowly failed.  I had to take the u-bend off completely (it was fortunately very clean as I cleaned it last night), fish washers out and then work out how it all was supposed to go back together.

I’ve got it back together.  It doesn’t appear to be leaking!  There’s a part left over (I’ve no idea where it went but it didn’t seem to help wherever I put it)!

I’ll write the planned post in a few minutes, when I’ve recovered with some chocolate and a mug of tea! Mug


Going away for a summer holiday has meant that time for craft has been at a minimum.  I took my portable spinning wheel and on a couple of evenings did some spinning while the children were asleep.  But pre-holiday preparation and post-holiday catch-up has left little time for craft.

My holiday was very child-focused and as a result the vast majority of the nearly 200 photos I took (thank goodness for digital) are filled with pictures of the children, either posing – in gardens or on the beach; or actively playing – flying a kite or digging up large parts of the south-coast.

Occasionally though I was able to take a snap of the scenery.  Astonishingly, for a summer holiday in England, there was an amazing amount of sunshine and clear blue skies.  One day I shall take a photography course and learn to take decent pictures!







It’s not crafting..

.. but it is making something.  To be precise it’s an Ikea desk for my Son’s bedroom, and needs to be ready for tomorrow morning.  I’m not even sure at this stage that the contents of the box show much similarity with the parts in the instructions.

Oh well..

Ready by the morning..

I should go and make it then..

There’s a chair as well!

It’s going to be a late night!