An Experiment with Precious Metal Clay

I came across this product just before Christmas.  It’s like clay, so it can be sculpted – but it is actually silver particles in a binder.  When the clay is dry it is fired.  This burns off the binder, the particles are sintered together and the clay becomes a solid piece of pure silver.

I used to make jewellery with polymer clay (Fimo, etc) so I really wanted to try this.  I ordered a starter kit over Christmas, but had to wait to the beginning of this week for it to arrive.  I finally got round to trying it today.

I made a pendent with a rose in the middle.  Let it dry, then fired it this evening.  I finished it off with brushing and burnishing.  I’m really happy with the result (though I need to practice my finishing technique).



Tomten jacket

This is Elizabeth Zimmermann’s design and it’s the first EZ design I’ve followed.  I’m working it in DK wool by Twilleys called Freedom Spirit. I’ve had the yarn for quite some time, but couldn’t find a project that would work for it (I wanted something that would show off the variegated colours and thought a moss stitch may work). Then I saw EZ’s Tomten jacket knitted in garter stitch, and realised that it was the one.

This project is actively in progress. I’m really enjoying it – it’s a good contrast to the fair isle jumper, which isn’t difficult but does take some concentration. Garter stitch can be whizzed along without much thought.

By the way, I originally saw the Tomten jacket in EZ’s “Knitting without tears”. It didn’t click as interesting. Then I saw it in “The opinionated knitter” with lots of photos of different variations. That’s when I knew I had to knit it.