A year in review

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas and the winding up of 2016 seems a good time to have a review of the year.  It’s been a full year of change for me and this has perhaps been reflected in the sparsity of my posts over the year:

  • February brought the finalisation of my divorce.
  • In May I put my house up for sale.
  • In July I took part in Open Studios for the first time.  It was a wonderful experience, and one I hope can be repeated this year (I will let you know details later in the year).  At one point I found myself Navaho plying a yarn, while adding a fourth thread with beads on, all while being watched by visitors.  It would have been a tricky thing to do normally, but with an audience it was even more hair-raising!  (Not the relaxing activity that spinning is often perceived to be.)



  • October brought a few days with my son in hospital while he had an appendectomy!  Thankfully we weren’t scheduled to move that weekend, but it was a close thing!  Even more thankfully my son’s operation was successful and without complication (with nothing to worry about at the follow-up appointment a couple of weeks ago).
  • In November we finally moved.

I’m looking forward to 2017.  I have the feeling of spreading my wings and being ready to soar!

Merry Christmas to you all and may you have a Joyful and Inspiring New Year.


This afternoon I was tackling a box from the move. According to the label it was filled with tools from my utility room, toys and lego in need of washing (I’m very bad at getting around to these types of jobs), paintbrushes and “stuff”. I obviously had reached the limit of what I was writing on boxes by this point – and “stuff” did indeed describe the rest of the contents quite well.  Anyway, I sorted out the tools I’ll need shortly (hammer, drill, clever gizmo that tells me if I’m planning on drilling through an electric cable) and put the rest of the stuff in a smaller box and put it in the shed!

We’re in the new house and it’s lovely.  The phone line was installed a couple of weeks ago, and the internet was connected last week.  The shed was installed this week (I had a sudden panic shortly after moving in that if I didn’t order it soon, then delivery times would put it till after Christmas – and I managed to order it on the last day the company would guarantee installation before Christmas).  We’re nestled in hills, a little further out from town, but not too far from friends and still easily able to get into town (and other local towns that suffer less from traffic problems) and visit the places I go regularly.

Since moving we’ve managed to have one walk from the village.  Once we’re properly settled I’m looking forward to lots of walks, long and short:



The children have been off school since the move (the wait to get new places was very unexpected).  The upshot of having the children off school is that I’ve been trying to incorporate educational activities and outings into our days.  This resulted in the unexpected find of some knitting at the Whipple museum of the History of Science in Cambridge this week:



My son was fascinated by the astronomical clocks in the museum and my daughter liked the anatomical models, which my son found just too gruesome!  Some of the models were made with papier-mache and were surprisingly detailed.  It was lovely to see craft being used to illustrate science.