#WIDN #KeepInstagramChronological #ChangeItBack

A few days ago Instagram started shuffling the order of posts I see on my account. This is not a change associated with the latest app update (though it started happening at the same time Instagram released the updated app) because it was happening for a few days before the app was updated on my phone and the feed is also jumbled when accessing via the web interface.

I have found that I miss the synchronicity of posts. I enjoy seeing sunsets sweeping across the country. And waking up to sunrises. I enjoy seeing a beautiful sunset and at the same time seeing a friend from across the world posting an equally beautiful sunrise. I enjoy seeing projects develop (sometimes seeing them backwards as I work back through the posts). I love seeing when people are heading to the same event, at the same time, from different parts of the country (or world). And I love seeing their posts appearing together while they are there. I enjoy posting up pictures of crafting, to see other friends posting up what they are doing at the same time. I love posting pictures from my garden and enjoying seeing friends posting about their garden at the same time. At least, I used to enjoy all this a week ago. I am missing the chronological nature of the posts.  Progress on projects is shown without any order and I do not enjoy hunting around for posts I am expecting to see at the time I log on.

I’m finding I no-longer wish to post onto Instagram. So, for the moment I am going to take a holiday from Instagram and instead concentrate on making longer posts on my blog.