Part II

For the last few days I’ve been keeping an eye on the entrance of the hive. There have been bees flying in and out, but I’ve not been happy with the numbers. This evening I managed to get out to the hive to check things over, with the intention of adding the necessary frames and giving the bees a feed.

I smoked the entrance, waited a few minutes, opened it up and…

Sadly no bees. I’m disappointed but not entirely surprised (things didn’t feel right at the hive). I’m also disappointed in myself because my failed attempt at homing the bees has resulted in the bees reswarming and perhaps finding an unsuitable home or at least causing a nuisance to others.

2 thoughts on “Part II”

  1. Thanks Lyn! I’ve been enjoying re-reading my bee books and reading up on current management of bees. Fingers crossed for more bees!

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