Family Craft

Recently I opened up my portable spinning wheel and was surprised by my son’s reaction.  I was sure that he had seen me use it on many occasions, yet he expressed surprise that this funny looking object opened out into a full size, operational spinning wheel.

It made me wonder how often we carry out our hobbies and believe our children are learning a little by observing us, when we actually need to be more proactive in involving them in our activities.  I say this knowing that my son can knit and weave, is starting to crochet, has made felted pebbles and pictures, has spun yarn and has helped me with dyeing in the past!  Perhaps the solution is planned family craft times, when we can all work on projects together, rather than my craft being slotted into evenings and occasions when the children are occupied with toys or other activities?  Wouldn’t it be lovely if such times not only allowed the children to learn more about these crafts, but also enabled me to do more craft too! I shall plan a session and let you know what happens!