A recipe

I’ve been continuing to work on sorting out my study and today I finally reached the point where I have a clear desk and can actually walk around the whole room!  This has to be the first time in nearly three years I’ve been able to do this, so quite an achievement (though I admit it doesn’t sound like much of one really).

I’ve just pulled a journal from my bookshelf which years ago I was using to record recipes.  There aren’t many recipes and most of them involve chocolate in some way.  I think my decision to use a journal that has a red velvet cover for recipes may explain why it isn’t very full.  The last recipe I’ve written in the book is copied from an issue of Woman’s Weekly, January 11th 1994.  I didn’t record the author and a search of the internet hasn’t revealed one, so I hope it’s ok to share it here and if anyone does know who the author is, please let me know as it would be lovely to credit it properly:

Recipe for Happiness

Take 12 months and scrub them clean of bitterness, greed, pedantry and fear.

Split each month into 28, 30 or 31 equal portions, so that the supply lasts for exactly a year.

Bring to each day, one part work and two parts each of cheerfulness and humour.

Add three heaped tablespoons of optimism, one teaspoon of tolerance, one grain of irony and a pinch of tact.

Then pour a liberal amount of love over the mixture.

Decorate the finished dish with plenty of compliments and serve daily with pleasantries, biscuits and a lovely cup of tea.