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It’s been a ridiculously full couple of weeks.  Gardening, putting holes in walls to fix a mirror, pictures, a light and a curtain poll up, visit to IKEA, visits from and to my mum’s, half term, visit to my solicitor, spinning wheel acquisition, spinning, carding and Instagram!

Ah, Instagram!  I think I’ve fallen for its charms.  I’ve been using it for nearly a year, initially sporadically, then more intensely through the Tour de Fleece and now I find I’m using it nearly every day.  This morning I got back home, the sun was shining and I realised that there are still many flowers in the garden, despite it being November!  So I took Instagram for a tour.  It was lovely photographing so much colour despite the time of year.  I may repeat the process periodically, it’ll be interesting to see how things change through the year.

If you are on Instagram, do look me up, it will be lovely to meet you!  You’ll find me as hasknits

On the spinning front I’ve been working on a number of things.  I’ve got some coreless-corespun currently in progress.  The fibre is BFL and bamboo drum carded together.  I’ve finally finished the second skein of crepe-yarn and I’ve knitted a small Mobius cowl/neck warmer with my fist coreless-corespun.  More details on all of these will follow in a future post (I need to take some pictures!) though here’s a teaser for the BFL/Bamboo:


I’ve also finished my long-term travelling project.  I usually have something on the go on my travel wheel, so I can just pick it up and go to craft meetings and spinning demos.  Often it’s the project I work on when I’ve done everything else I’ve wanted to do!  I think it’s some humbug BFL I dyed, but I’m suffering with my labelling problem again, so it could be something else!  It’s Navajo plied to keep the colour striping:




2 thoughts on “Micro Blogging”

  1. Prompted by your ravelry post, come to see your blog and add you to my following list 🙂

    Instagram has me too, so easy to post a picture and a few words, has taken over from my blog more although I still like the blog too and hope to one day find the inspiration to write more often like I used to.

    Dawn xx

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Yes, I think the two activities compliment each other nicely – I certainly Instagram things I wouldn’t put on the blog and I no-longer need to make really short blog posts!
    Off now to look at your blog… 🙂

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