Blogging in Space

I’m not really blogging in space, but what a thought:

“I started knitting these socks last night.  I asked the replicator to produce some cellulose fibre yarn like the bamboo yarns produced in the 21st century.  It manages these types of yarns quite well, but it struggles to produce yarn with the feel and natural bounce of real wool.  I’ll have to wait until we get to the next planet with animals that produce a wool like coat before I can get anything like that…”

On the space theme, last night I finally cast on for the shawl using the bowtie yarn I started spinning during the Tour de Fleece.  The shawl is growing quickly.  I started knitting it on the Lantern Moon needles I bought at Fibre East, as it grew I transferred it to the circulars I have, then transferred it straight back to the straight needles.  Though the Lantern Moon needles are very heavy (they are 15mm) the stitches slide over the polished surface really well, and the point is beautifully shaped.  So, for the moment I’ll put up with the weight and knit in short sessions.

The shawl will be triangular and I’m knitting it from the neck down (starting with a garter stitch tab), with increases for shape in the middle and at the edges of the rows.  The weather has made photography difficult today, but here is progress so far:


And what set me off on the space theme?  Well, after my posts on Saturday my web host emailed to say I was getting close to using up the space I’m allocated.  Initially I thought that wasn’t a big problem, just upgrade to the next package, but it turns out that costs nearly three times as much!  So, I’m going to have to do some serious web and blog management in the near future.   Not only do I still need to fix the look and feel of the blog which got broken after I upgraded WordPress, but I now either need to streamline my blogging or find a new affordable home for it!  So, if I suddenly go quiet on the spinning and knitting front, that’s a likely reason!

Now, where did I park my TARDIS?

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