Day, ermmm… not sure… of the TdF

What I do know is that there are just two days and a few hours left, and I’ve got a lot of work still to do if I’m going to hit all my aims.  Actually, if I’m honest here I’m not going to manage everything at this point.  What I want to do now is identify my main focus and concentrate on that.

Well there are two things, firstly I said I wanted to spin on all my wheels.  Well, at the start of the tour I had six wheels.  I’ve spun on six wheels.  However, I now have seven wheels and my Haldane Lewis is feeling neglected!

The second thing I really want to do is make the “bowties are cool” yarn.  I have a plan that if I make enough yarn I could make a nice shawl, with bows along the lower edges.  I suspect I won’t have the length of yarn for that, but I won’t know until I try.  Anyway, to make the yarn I really need some bowties.  I’m making them out of felt and spinning short coordinating lengths of yarn (I’ll spin these on the Lewis) to finish them off and attach them to the core-spun yarn.

Last night I checked out some potential colours for the bowties:


Then I had a go at the felting.  I really don’t have any skill at making felt.  Usually when handling wool I’m treating it very gently so as not to make it felt.  But when I try and make felt, I find it takes quite a lot of effort.  Last night’s attempt was not 100% successful – the Angelina (sparkly nylon) I added formed a resist layer between two felted layers of wool.  I’m hoping that once I’ve rolled the felt it’ll be ok.  But I want to make a second piece in different colours and roll them at the same time.  So, I’m going to go and do that now otherwise this yarn isn’t going to be spun this weekend!