Days 5 (continued), 6 and 7 of the Tour de Fleece

When I left you last on day 5 of the TdF I was off to do some spinning.  I did (sort of).  I prepared some mill-spun yarn for core-spinning by running it through the wheel to put some S-twist in, prior to my using it to core-spin Z-twist.

Yesterday was day 6 and I carded up a batt with a variety of wool and trilobal nylon and then core-spun it.  I also added an auto-wrap thread.  Here it is this morning, finished and tied with some matching ribbon:


The yarn is both heavier and shorter than the previous one I core-spun.  The batt I used was thicker but less fluffy, so I think I applied the fibre more heavily to the core.  I shall have to experiment until I’m able to consistently get the results I want.

Today has been a busy day with the children, and being a Friday I’m quite tired.  However, this evening I’ve carded up another batt.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to core-spin this tomorrow.  Here it is in a deep hat-box, which is just the right size (I’ve had to re-home the fabric scraps I was storing in here):


So, that’s the first week of the TdF completed.  I’ve thought constantly about spinning, fibre, and things I can add to the spinning.  Earlier this week I went shopping for a curtain pole.  I managed to find one but I also came back with these beads, perfect in their own little storage boxes and ideal to add to my spinning!


The fabric scraps from the hat-box?  I found myself wondering if they could be spun into a yarn or added to some yarn.  So, what will week 2 of the TdF bring and how much further am I going to stray from my original goals?