Half way there

Before I came home yesterday, I’d finished, washed and dried my first skein of crepe yarn.

Late this afternoon the sun finally popped out from behind the rain clouds that have kept us indoors for much of the day.  I grabbed my skein and my camera and put a pretty book and the skein on top of the stacks of paperwork and books that seem to have migrated to the part of my desk I’m trying to keep clear for project photography (it stays clear for about 5 minutes, then gets invaded by the usual junk all over again).  So I added the macro lens to my camera and tried to hide the junk.

crepe yarn

I’m fairly happy with this as a first skein of rickrack yarn.  It’s a long way from perfect, but it’s predominantly balanced and overall the yarn is interesting.  For the first time ever I think I’m going to need to sample this before I decide on an end project.  And there’s still a second skein to complete…