Travel and craft

I’m just back from 9 days away with family.  I was very busy before I went away (completing divorce paperwork) and so I didn’t have a lot of time to think about the craft projects I may want to work on while away.  So, I packed a selection of current projects and contingencies in case I finished anything:

  • Mobius cowl (WIP, knitting)
  • Jacob shawl (UFO, knitting)
  • Fruit salad yarn – on Ravely some of my recent fibre dyeing has been described as looking like a fruit salad – so I brought all of that fibre and the large spindle I’m currently using (WIP, spindle spinning)
  • Rickrack yarn (WIP, spinning)
  • My travelling wheel
  • More fibre in case I finish the rickrack yarn and want to spin something else.  This consisted of more hand-painted tops, all of my commercial dyed Shetland, and all of my commercial dyed BFL as well as smaller amounts of natural Shetland.
  • Niddy-noddy (this was my only real nod towards travelling as I didn’t take my skein winder), swift and hand-cards
  • My 16” weaving loom with the purple shawl (WIP, weaving)
  • Some hand-dyed and hand-spun yarn to weave with if I finished the purple shawl.

I did some knitting on the Mobius cowl, I finished one of two skeins of the rickrack yarn and I progressed both the spindle spinning (a little) and the weaving (a lot).  However, I didn’t get near needing any of my contingency projects.  Here’s all my craft stuff back from its trip (this somehow fitted into the car along with me and two children and all the other things we needed):