New spinning related addition

My almost ex-husband (I’m in the process of divorcing) has taken to bargain hunting in his local auction house.  Since we’ve separated he’s bought himself a spinning wheel (as a project) and started pointing out interesting spinning related items to me.  He spotted a spinning chair and asked for advice on a price.  He won it (on a commission bid) and I’ve just bought it off him.  He made a small profit on the transaction (probably enough to pay for a tea next time he visits the auction house).

Anyway here’s the chair:


The carving on it is very pretty (and the reason I ended up buying it).  However, the construction is a little rough and one of the legs is wobbly and may have been broken at some point.  There are also paint splashes on it.  I’ll probably end up taking off at least some of the stain (it’s worn away in places) and then refinishing.  I’m not at this stage quite sure how I’ll finish it.  I’ll have to keep the dark finish in the carvings and perhaps have a lighter finish on the flat surfaces (and probably the legs).

I’m not sure I’ll ever use it as a spinning chair.  It’s astonishingly uncomfortable to sit on, but it may prove to be the right height for the children to sit on when they are spinning.