And about time!

So, young lady, what are we going to do with you then?


Yes I know I bought you, oiled your moving parts, gave you a new flyer and drive band, and replaced your bolts so that you weren’t wobbly any more.  But I haven’t cleaned up or polished your wood at all!!!  Yes, I know my children like to use your drive wheel as a ship’s wheel.  I would be feeling a little neglected too!

I’ve got a nice new lace flyer for you, see:


The wood’s not finished yet.  Would you like a new finish to match?  You would?  I was wondering about some decoration?  Perhaps painted flowers?  You’re not sure?  I’m not sure either.  Shall we stick with a couple of coats of the oil I use on the kitchen worktops?  OK then.


Yes I’m a bit worried about the screw/bolt/pin thingy through your hub too.    Shall we just see if we can work around it?  Hmmm, I’ve also spotted that yarn wrapped around your wheel axel.  You’ll have to stop joining in the children’s games and pretending to be a pirate ship!  They haven’t realised you’re a pirate ship?  Well I won’t tell them, we’ll let them work it out for themselves.

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