Finish, start, start!

Sometime ago I dyed some Blue Faced Leicester, hung it up to dry, made the tops into a chain and then started to spin it.  It’s finally finished.  I decided to Navaho ply this and created two skeins.  In total there are about 490 yards:


As I’ve finished lots of projects recently, it’s time to start some new ones.  First I’ve started to spin the last batch of BFL I dyed – this is the pinky-orange tops as a single:


I’ve also started to knit a Moebius cowl:


This final project is being knitted in some Rico Poems yarn.  I bought the yarn because it was in a lovely range of colours and then put it in my stash until I found a project worthy of the lovely yarn.  At least I thought the yarn was lovely until I got it out and tried to use it.

I tried Tunisian crochet with it, worked a few stitches and noticed that the yarn was twisting up, so decided that knitting it would be best.  I rewound the ball and put it into my work-basket. 

A few days later I realised that this was a mistake, the ball was starting to come apart.  I tried to rewind it, then put it into a plastic zip bag for sorting out later.  Later came while staying at my Mum’s.  I fished the yarn out and asked to borrow the ball winder. 

At this stage the ball decided it was going to be two balls, with random loops of yarn in between and twisting around.  It took two knitter’s about half an hour to tame the run-away ball into two neat re-wound balls.

I decided that the new project would be a Moebius cowl.  I found the instructions and a long cord for my needles and cast on (and on).  The cast on was lovely and easy, but the next row was hard work.  However, after a very long time I got through it (though noticed that the yarn was fluffing up from the work, which was surprising for a sock yarn).  Undaunted I’ve carried on and now it’s starting to look rather lovely However, I did notice I had managed to knit two stitches together at one stage, now fixed by dropping the stitches down a few rows and re-working them back up.  The yarn is also still twisting up really badly and periodically I hang the loop of knitting down and gently untwist it (one time I untwisted a little too far and the yarn drafted apart).

I’ve decided after all these problems that this cowl is going to have to look gorgeous.  In addition to the colour I think it needs something glittery, so I’m going to add beads.  What could possibly go wrong (it’s the first time I’ve added beads to knitting)?