Last but not least

A little while ago I said my bamboo shawl was finally finished and off the loom.  It took another week or two, but I eventually tackled trimming the fringe (I can thoroughly recommend checked table-cloths for this activity, with a towel on the item to hold it still while cutting).


I then asked my Mum to be my photographer (thank you Mum!) while we stood outside in the surprisingly mild January sunshine.  As you can see in the first picture, the start and the end of the shawl are at a very different gauge.  However, I’ll never wear it like this.  As you can see in the second picture, the difference doesn’t matter.


I really like the way that the fabric drapes.  It’s lovely and soft.  However, the bamboo is very slippery and for a future project I would like to combine it with wool for a more stable fabric.

I know that you are now in shock – three finished objects all in a row (ok, I know one wasn’t really mine)!  Don’t worry, normal service will be resumed with only WIPs and UFOs for quite a while!