Spindle spun Blue-Faced Leicester

Firstly a quick update.  In my last post I mentioned that my phone was languishing in a bag of rice.  I don’t know if it made a difference, but my phone survived. Hurray!  Here’s the stash:


Now, onto the Blue-faced-Leicester.  I dyed the tops at the start of this year.  You can see me starting to spin it in January.  So, after months and months of spindle spinning (not constant spinning, only occasional spinning) I’ve plied together two spindles worth and have a lovely skein of yarn.

The singles:


I made a box lazy-kate.  It’s “designed” to take the spindle or knitting needles (I slid the first spun cob onto a knitting needle).  The spindle occasionally fell out as the cob was unwound, but the knitting needle worked brilliantly.  I’m keeping my free lazy-kate for future plying projects.


I plied over a couple of evenings on my Dryad wheel.  The second cob had a lot more yarn (by length, not necessarily by weight) so I finished off by Andean plying (I didn’t get into too much of a tangle and at one point discovered that the bed-knob at the bottom of the bed was a great holder for the resulting bracelets of yarn).


Sadly, it’s November.  It gets vaguely lighter at about 8am and is dark again by about 4pm.  The last few days have been ones where the lights have stayed on all day in the house.  Even at noon.  So in the end I bowed to the inevitable, and photographed the final skein in the warm glow of artificial light:


I may be a little quiet for a week or two – as paid work will take priority. If I do post tell me to stop procrastinating and get on with my proper job Smile.  I’ll be back soon…