The accidental spinning wheel collector

At what point does owning some spinning wheels, as essential tools in the occupation of spinning, become having a collection of spinning wheels?  I think I may have just crossed the boundary.  As long as ownership of a wheel can be justified in terms of generalised or specialised use, then that’s a tool to pursue a hobby.  But when a wheel is acquired that isn’t faster, more portable, quieter, great for lace or great for art yarns, then just possibly it may be considered that I have started collecting wheels!

Anyway, my “new to me” Haldane Lewis should be arriving tomorrow.  I’m really excited and looking forward to taking it for a spin Smile

That means I will have 5 spinning wheels (that does rather look like it may be a collection).  I’m still hankering after a very portable wheel though, so I suspect this won’t be my last! Embarrassed smile

Oh, no hang-on! Got it!  The justification is that I’m learning all I can about spinning and spinning wheels.  Some will be tools I use regularly and some will teach me more about spinning!  Not a collection at all! Phew.  (Though really, what’s wrong with a collection of spinning wheels?)