Changing Seasons

I’ve been a little too busy recently to fit any crafting in: Ravelry, work and children have all absorbed my time.  However, it’s now autumn and there are some lovely treats that come with this season.  An unexpected one I discovered yesterday while out at a local English Heritage garden with the children and my mum.  The shop was selling everlasting (Helichrysum) flowers.  I bought two bags (they seemed cheap and I had a plan about wiring them up to make a display).  When I got home I poured them into a glass bowl, where they suddenly looked very pretty and I abandoned my plan.

Today I discovered that not only do they look pretty, but they are filling my kitchen with an amazing scent.  So I unexpectedly have a bowl filled with very pretty potpourri.


And just to bring this full circle, I really like the colours: yellow, pink, peach, almost white, purple and deep orange.  I wonder if these colours would work in a yarn?