What a week!

It’s been just over a week since I last posted – and boy I’ve been busy!!!

On Saturday I went to the local spinning group and chatted and spun until I completely lost track of time.

On Tuesday evening I decided to fix my 60’s Ashford Traditional wheel – as the hub had come apart again.  I took it apart and cleaned up the inside of the hub ready for gluing:


I then discovered that I didn’t have any clamps to hold the hub while it glued.

On Wednesday I went out and bought the clamps and a few other tools.  I also got some brass tubing I’m going to try as bushes in the bobbins of a different wheel.

And then instead of fixing the wheel – I started a new group on Ravelry (Ashford UK Spinners).  That kept me really busy for the rest of the week.  I’ve now produced art work (well a banner and an icon for the group):


I’ve read hundreds of messages, replied to lots, posted lots of others and got a team of moderators all ready to start.  I’m really hoping we can make this a thriving forum (and that I don’t post too often!)

Anyway, last night I returned to the broken hub.  It didn’t take long to glue it together and add the clamps.  I put the hub spindle back through the hole to ensure that the two sides lined up correctly, but removed it once the clamps had been fixed:


I propped the wheel up between two chairs overnight:


This morning I put the wheel back onto the legs (the hardest part of this was lining up the hole in the hub spindle and getting the hub pin to go through it).  And this evening I’ve given the wheel a polish, connected the treadle, re-found the jumbo flyer and added a drive band.  I’m not sure why she’s now stood on the table:


So, a very busy week indeed!