Spinning in Public

Tomorrow in WWSIP day.  That’s world wide spin in public day.  One day I’ll actually manage to do some public spinning on that day!  As I said in my last post, I did some public spinning last weekend. I took my traddy and the blue BFL along and sat spinning in a field in the wind and sun with my friends.  I was a lightweight and only did a couple of hours.  My friends went for the whole day and even set out a table with some of their dyeing and spinning.

Tomorrow is also the day my craft group meet up.  Guess what I’m taking?  That’s right – the blue BFL.  The next thing I spin is going to be long draw.  It’s much, much quicker.

I think I’ve decided on the Navaho plying technique.  And depending on how long and the thickness of the final yarn I may make something like gloves (although they’ll be co-ordinated gloves, rather than an identical pair)!

I should go and get my stuff organised for tomorrow then. Smile