What a week!

It’s been just over a week since I last posted – and boy I’ve been busy!!!

On Saturday I went to the local spinning group and chatted and spun until I completely lost track of time.

On Tuesday evening I decided to fix my 60’s Ashford Traditional wheel – as the hub had come apart again.  I took it apart and cleaned up the inside of the hub ready for gluing:


I then discovered that I didn’t have any clamps to hold the hub while it glued.

On Wednesday I went out and bought the clamps and a few other tools.  I also got some brass tubing I’m going to try as bushes in the bobbins of a different wheel.

And then instead of fixing the wheel – I started a new group on Ravelry (Ashford UK Spinners).  That kept me really busy for the rest of the week.  I’ve now produced art work (well a banner and an icon for the group):


I’ve read hundreds of messages, replied to lots, posted lots of others and got a team of moderators all ready to start.  I’m really hoping we can make this a thriving forum (and that I don’t post too often!)

Anyway, last night I returned to the broken hub.  It didn’t take long to glue it together and add the clamps.  I put the hub spindle back through the hole to ensure that the two sides lined up correctly, but removed it once the clamps had been fixed:


I propped the wheel up between two chairs overnight:


This morning I put the wheel back onto the legs (the hardest part of this was lining up the hole in the hub spindle and getting the hub pin to go through it).  And this evening I’ve given the wheel a polish, connected the treadle, re-found the jumbo flyer and added a drive band.  I’m not sure why she’s now stood on the table:


So, a very busy week indeed!

Spinning in Public

Tomorrow in WWSIP day.  That’s world wide spin in public day.  One day I’ll actually manage to do some public spinning on that day!  As I said in my last post, I did some public spinning last weekend. I took my traddy and the blue BFL along and sat spinning in a field in the wind and sun with my friends.  I was a lightweight and only did a couple of hours.  My friends went for the whole day and even set out a table with some of their dyeing and spinning.

Tomorrow is also the day my craft group meet up.  Guess what I’m taking?  That’s right – the blue BFL.  The next thing I spin is going to be long draw.  It’s much, much quicker.

I think I’ve decided on the Navaho plying technique.  And depending on how long and the thickness of the final yarn I may make something like gloves (although they’ll be co-ordinated gloves, rather than an identical pair)!

I should go and get my stuff organised for tomorrow then. Smile

Dr Who and Knitting

I’ve been catching up on watching Dr Who (The David Tennant specials and Season 6 with Matt Smith).  Having caught up I’ve been taken with the idea of making a Dr Who themed knit.  There are lots about.  Some of the following are patterns and some are individual projects.  As none of these are mine, and I therefore don’t own the copyright for any images, you’ll have to follow the links for more detail (and pictures).  For some of these you may need a Ravelry account:

Firstly there are cuddly toys, such as EXTERMIKNIT, Cybermat (not knitted), TARDIS and fabulous dolls such as this one of the 10th Doctor.  As I have two young children I feel somewhat overwhelmed by cuddly toys at the moment.  So I don’t think I’ll be making one of these just yet.

Next there are items of clothing, including that scarf as worn by the 4th Doctor.  This site includes lots of detail on the scarf including great advice on colour matching. Here’s another site also dedicated to knitting the many different versions of that scarf. Then there’s the lovely Bigger on the Inside shawl, Beyond Gallifrey scarf, The Oncoming Storm gauntlets and various hats including INSULATE! I’m really taken with the gauntlets (and have already added them to my never ending Ravelry queue).

Finally there are household accessories.  I think EXFOLIATE could be made into great pot holders.  There’s the TARDIS Kindle Cover. And though this isn’t knitted it’s an amazing quilt.

I’ve got an idea in mind for my own Whovian knit.  It’s still at the random sketches on an envelop stage so I won’t say more at the moment.  I also need to finish off some of my UFOs Smile


P.S. As you probably noticed progress on projects is slow and I’ve got nothing new to report, except that balls of wool are getting lighter and bobbins of singles are getting fatter.

P.P.S.  I had great fun on Sunday afternoon sitting in a field, in the sunshine, spinning with a couple of friends, at a local farm’s open day.  I was only there for a couple of hours, but it was still a nice afternoon out.