Make do and mend

AKA: I haven’t concentrated this hard since doing Kitchener Stitch.

Today was spent at Ikea – where I seemed to buy lots of things I needed but none of the things I really went for.  After this it was time to think about saving money – or at least making a repair that’s been on my list for months.  My daughter has some leggings that developed a hole the very first time she wore them.  This evening I finally got round to repairing the hole then disguising the repair with some pretty daisies.

This is the first embroidery I’ve done in years and it turns out that daisies are much harder than I remember (and French knots are impossible!)   There are three daisies disguising the hole at the top of one leg and a single daisy just above the ankle on the other leg to help make it a “design feature”!