Lovely time spinning

Today I had a lovely time spinning at my local craft group.  I took my wheel, spindles and my weaving but in the end I sat down and started to spin up the newly dyed blue BFL tops.

I’m spinning this short backward draw (fairly worsted style but I’m not being too precise about this).  I’ve not split the top lengthways and I’ve tried to minimise the amount of pre-drafting I do.  I’m hoping that this keeps the colours clear and elongates the area of each shade.

Of course I was reminded how slow worsted style spinning is compared with long draw when I got home and photographed progress.  Still my back is much happier for the better spinning position Smile


The colour shift is really nice – so do I spin two singles and make a two ply (good for lace – if my spinning is even enough!) but that’ll have lots of barber pole effects when the light and dark blue mix or Navaho ply to make a three ply that’ll retain the colour shifts, but make them shorter?  Decisions, decisions!  For the moment I’ll keep my options open and spin two bobbins of singles.

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