A very long time ago I put a lovely pink/purple/blue bamboo sock yarn onto my 16” rigid heddle loom.  I wove a header and tried other yarns as wefts.  I moved. Twice.  The loom was played with by my young daughter.  The ratchet for the top roller got knocked (more than once) and the warp got a bit messy.

I attempted to fix this, but the warp was still a bit uneven.

Last night I unwound the warp (a bit), winding it onto the front roller.  I found some more lining paper, cut it to size and re-wound the warp back onto the back roller.  I then unwove(!) all my attempts at weaving, just leaving the header.  I then wove a bit more header (discovering, in the process, that I liked the play of colour with that yarn doubled, and will be revisiting it for a future project).  I then started with some new yarn as the weft, and committed myself to this new weft by completing the hemstitching.


Today (after taking this picture) I added some bands of Leno to help show off the warp.  I’m not sure it was quite the look I had imagined.  However, it’ll be nice to get a (hopefully) usable stole, and to get this warp off the loom as I have lots of other projects I’d like to start!