Slow but Sure

Progress on all my various projects has been slow.  However, this weekend I grabbed my trusty Ashford Traditional spinning wheel and an assortment of other paraphernalia, and went spinning with a group of other crafty people in a local village hall.

It’s the first time I’ve done any spinning in three months!

I continued working on turning my sugarflair dyed Shetland tops into singles, then I started plying.  I didn’t quite manage to finish plying the first two bobbins while I was at the group (I had the challenging task of getting the wheel and the lazy kate home with all the yarn still connected).  However, in the evening I finished those bobbins off.

Today was the first decent day since the weekend, so I skeinned the yarn, washed it to set the twist and hung it on the line to dry.  And while the sun thought about shining, I took some pictures.

My Shetland tops have progressed from these:


To the singles:


To the finished yarn (picture carefully cropped to hide the fact that I’ve spent even less time in the garden than I’ve spent spinning):

skeinned yarn

I have two more bobbins of singles to ply into a second skein.  I’m hoping it’s not another three months before I sit at my wheel again!