Changing my mind

The fibre I dyed a few days ago is now dry:


However, I’ve now decided that I would prefer to spin these on one of my wheels (perhaps at the next spinning group) and possibly use the resulting fibre to make something like: Semi-Precious.  I haven’t decided yet whether to ply them together or use them individually.

So, I needed something else to spin on my new spindles:


These are also dyed with food dye.  However, this time I’ve used only 1.5 oz of fibre for each so I can use these for smaller projects (perhaps fingerless gloves?).

My spindles have arrived and I’ve been using the heavier one (which is a 1oz spindle) and has a turquoise whorl:

spindle and fibre


I’m still getting the hang of using the spindle.  Initially I found that it wobbled a bit – but that may just be user error because when I get it spinning properly it keeps going smoothly for a long time.  However, I may just have to buy another spindle from one of the recommended uk makers to compare.

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