Day 2 of the school holidays

Today I thought there was quiet and occupied playing in the lounge.  Only when I heard “boing!” … “oops” did I discover that I was now short of one retractable tape measure:


My son and I have carded about half of the wool we dyed yesterday.  So far we have three different coloured batts.  My son also did a small amount of spinning on the spindle.  So far he’s finding “spin, park and draft” to be a successful way to proceed.

batts and spinning

I thoroughly enjoyed making the batts from the different coloured fibres we randomly dyed yesterday – so I think I’ll be using this method for my own projects in the future. 

Dyeing on the first day of the school holidays

It’s the first day of the school summer holiday.  My son would like to do some spinning during the holidays.  To get started we dyed – using artificial food dyes and vinegar – some fleece.  When it’s dry we’ll card it up ready for spinning.  (This is the first time I’ve dyed fleece using acid dyes so it was a great learning experience for me too).