Finishing Things

I currently have a quite large selection of unfinished projects (the ones I can recall are):

  • a woven shawl with overshot pattern.
  • a pair of brightly coloured socks – I’m knitting these simultaneously but they are still stalled half way through the feet.
  • a green jumper for my husband to my own design.
  • a pi are square shawl in very chunky yarn.

I realised, as I worked towards the finishing line on my daughter’s knitted dress, that I often stop working on projects when they are very close to completion.  The woven shawl, for example, is stopped half way through the second band of patterning (there is a wide band at each end of the shawl).  I probably only have another 6 inches to work and it’ll be off the loom.  So why have I stopped?

I realised that somewhere near the end of a project, I start to doubt that it’ll be as good as I imagined it at the start.  So, instead of facing disappointment, I simply stop working on that project and move onto the next one.  This is daft, because when I do finish things I’m usually delighted at the result.  If I’m not delighted then the item can usually be modified or embellished or given away (if it’s a poor fit for the original intended recipient).

Anyway, I was motivated to finish my daughter’s dress because:

  1. If I didn’t finish it quickly it would be too small.
  2. It’s a one ball project – so I wanted to use up as much of the yarn as possible.
  3. I wanted to see what the wavy pattern would look like once it had been blocked.