Another wheel

Today I picked up my latest acquisition.  It’s a Dryad wheel.  It has a 26inch diameter drive wheel and is double drive.  The previous owner used this wheel to spin enough thread to weave 10.5 metres of suiting fabric!  It was also apparently on TV with its former owner and therefore had its original Dryad label removed.


Here’s a picture of the new wheel next to my Haldane.  (The Haldane is sulking – when I picked it up to move it ALL its legs fell off!)


Close-ups of the mother of all, flyer and back maiden:




Pegs and wedges for the wheel (including marks on each one so that the correct wedge is replaced in the right slot:


The edge of the wheel (showing the joint) and the hub of the wheel:


I’ve given the wheel a quick clean and oil in key parts and spun a little bit of yarn to try it out.  My only problem was finding an orifice hook small enough to thread through the orifice (all my other hooks are for the Ashford Traditional and are much too big).  My DH has fashioned me a temporary one from a paper clip (though even the paper clip was too big and a new hook had to be formed!)

My next job is to give her a thorough clean and polish and then I’m looking forward to doing some serious spinning on her.  In the meantime I need to find her a space to live in my house…